frog industrial concern

A poetry chapbook about living in a body.
I have lived too long and seen too much.
The Frog K prose omnibus - all my fiction that'll fit in one place.
Emotionally intense writing about weird crazy trans girl shit. You'll love it!
Celebrate the dog days of summer with a little chapbook about an invincible martial artist, why not.
A tiny, tiny zine about making tiny, tiny sigils.
Five tiny sketches about the lighter side of death and grief.
Part 1 of the Frog K/Paris Green omnibus! Horrible dreams about the waking world, 2020-2022.
Wise men say only fools rush in; but I can't help falling in love with you.
Exsanguination direct to the people.
Raunchy, weird little stories about broken people.
A chapbook about better living through incredible violence.
A short story collection about the future of being a gay little worm.
If two guys were in the women's room and they jacked each other off would that be fucked up or what? (NSFW)
A novella-length collection of fiction and poetry about hellish little things.
A short story about the best job in the world, with pictures.
A collection of short stories and poems about living through the end of things.
A story about the beautiful people.
A story about the finer things in life.
A short story collection about people with strange priorities.
A zine about Counterstrike and the end times.